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Run a Google image search on photos, and search words in their description to check if they're the real deal. Don't even waste time on the site.

I think it is more valuable to meet potential partners the old fashioned way, social gatherings, learning institutions, church or friends, In my opinion this is just a complete waste of time and money. Thai women looking for anyone hesitant to join the rsvp remains the help of the first dating site rsvp. Hey I didnt get that as much of a problem her cause nobody wanted to waste a stamp on you, jeezsh..

This site is a complete waste of time and money. Most of the men on here have been there for EVER!! Some over 12 months. Most of them seem to have either big tickets on themselves or use this site as a bit of an ego trip to reply that they are not interested to anyone who sends them a kiss, if you even get a response at all. I really do not understand where they are coming from, none of them seem to match their profiles, I think they must all think they are still in their 20' or 30's. Don't waste your money to use use this site and if you are vulnerable and sensitive, it can make you quite depressed and you could lose your self worth. It is not worth it. You are still a valuable human being, don't let this site devalue you in any way. It is just not worth what you pay or the time you invest in it. I think it is more valuable to meet potential partners the old fashioned way, social gatherings, learning institutions, church or friends, In my opinion this is just a complete waste of time and money. I paid once via my credit card for a broke single girlfriend i am married do not require this business whatsoever to use this site for a month. At no time did i authorise ongoning payments to be taken from my credit card EVER!! I have now discovered after checking my online banking statements this mob have taken 3 unauthorised payments for past three months from my credit card. I am not even a registered member and have no profile! Seems as soon as you provide credit card details you are considered a member?? Wouldnt you need to apply and set up a payment system if you wanted to use their services? I have lodged a transaction dispute with my bank and even if i was to cancel that card, apparently that wont ensure that a company will not automatically transfer direct debit to new card? So beware of this site and its payment set up. Trying to contact them is harder than you expect. The 1800 number provided does not connect. I am awaiting a reply from my email to them, contemplating going to the ombudsman to inform them of unauthorised activity. Watch this space for updates. UNACCEPTABLE misuse of credit card. So far I have many dates over coffee and have not paid a cent for any stamp or membership fees. I have been on it for almost six months but you can take a break anytime to stop the flow and get back to it anytime. I took a break for two months now back again. So far I am happy with it. Let otherside to contact you and then you screen them. You may receive fake IDs kisses but does not cost you anything even if you are interested. The more options you have the better one you choose. After a few messages then suggest for mobile number and take your communication outside the platform. And start texting, talking and eventually meeting. It works for me every time. Had to nice contacts there but now cant communicate with them? They have withdrawn a service that has been prepaid? This is against consumer law in Australia? I have been removed from this site inspite of having 25 stamps credit. One bit of advise Make sure you do not opt to Subscribe for more than a month. Not fit to be rated 1 star. The parent company i think is in trouble. I rather have the Chinese take over. I like the format better... But seriously, paying a lot for the chance to chat with someone who might not be interested. What's the point in paying 40+ bucks for 3 stamps with an expiry date when one can join POV for free and drop a quick message to anyone? Over the last 5 years, women on the NSW Central Coast on the site have not changed, nor has the number. These are , dare I say it, old stock. Site did have a good turnover years ago, but not now. Why would someone remain on the SAME site for 5 years? RSVP pre 2005 was good, now it's crap, as well as expensive. On the plus side, they don't charge to see photos like eharmony do, nor do they have a ridiculous number of questions to go through like POV. It is what it is. A dating platform filled with promise. Unfortunately I think you need to be very confident when using a dating site and I am unfortunately not. Lots of married men sadly, players, I think it would work if you are confident and in a good headspace who has the time and patience to sort through the nonsense. A warning to anyone who is not that confident any online dating site can be depressing and confidence destroying Hello there! I have been on this site forever but the stamps are too expensive! For instance, you could charge the same minimum amount for 10 stamps or 3! Especially as things can often go awry in the first few messages. The worst part is, women just expect men to pay for this all the time! Even if THEY send the kiss!!! This is getting ridiculous! Been on here for like 20 years or something, thinking of leaving it altogether… You never give out stamps for free. RSVP has become very stingy of late…. Sincerely, Yes, I have met some ladies on RSVP in my time. Rarely did anything develop. Yes I've met a few real bad ones that flake when it comes to showing up for a date, wont answer their phones or messages and vanish less than 10 minutes into the date. I take full responsibility as they are some of the risks associated with internet dating and dating in general. No, I'm hardly catch of the year, however I'd like to live with a little dignity. I think everyone owes themselves that much. Definitely not the fault of the RSVP site. That's not why I'm here. In the past 5 years, I usually buy a bulk amount of stamps that never expire. Also, if someone does not respond after a set amount of time I forget now as its been a while they refund me every time. I have also been refunded if the people I have been talking to have been banned or are deemed to be 'dodgey'. Not making any accusations, just putting my opinion forward and am interested if any other men or women have encountered the same things as I did. After my stamps expire I may take a few weeks, months or even years off the site to find my feet again and question whether not I'm going about this the right way. You know, before paying up again. Not complaining about the money either. As I said before, I'm not exactly a prime catch as some women have openly told me and behind my back. Good, as I like honesty and clarity. As a result I know exactly where I stand and I know what I have to work with, or not? So, after the stamps expire, in the weeks and months after, I receive kisses. Not from glamour's 10 years my junior, women my own age. Quite attractive that have a lot going for them. Believable, I don't think so. Not when I'm fully paid up, never then, only when my stamps have run out. As when I am paid up, this sort of thing never happens. From where I'm standing, it feels like it is just a fishing line trying to reel me back in, especially when I don't take to any of the offers after my paid subscription expires. Not accusing anyone of anything, nor can I prove anything. I sincerely hope that I am wrong and that this self doubt is a little paranoia. But from my experience, I don't think it is, time to wake up. Has anyone else had anything similair happen to them? I would like some clarity before going back to this site. I have tried a number of dating sites elite singles, eharmony and pof and RSVP is the only one that is truly genuine. I have met up with several members from the site and they have all been what they described in their profiles. I have met people for everything from a single meeting things just didn't work out up to a longer term relationship 9 months and many things in between. A friend of mine met his wife on RSVP. And while what people write in their profiles is not up to the site, the fact that the people are genuine shows the site is also genuine. Of course you have to be prepared for a lot of knock backs, but again that is nothing to do with the site. To summarise, this site is not bogus or a ripoff and is by far the best online dating site that I have found. This is a scam site! Rsvp advertise on google as a christian dating site which is deception. Then they keep sending me loads of promotion emails so I demanded they remove me and all data associated with my account! Worst dating site ever do not waste your money! I wish I read these review before handing over my money! I received a kiss reply from some Latino which involved using a Stamp... Thereafter silence in spite or her coming on line on a daily basis. I then politely sent her a few reminders with no avail. I tried a trick of calling her a name which came to the attention of Support to find myself blocked with the loss of 25 stamps. DO NOT WASTE MONEY. I have received messages from Women younger than my Children. Many from Overseas too. RSVP has no control or are they FAKE Profiles?????? I did meet a Lady once for which I nearly dropped dead... She looked twice her age on her only photograph... I have been online for a year. I was hurt badly emotionally though. The people I chatted with a year ago are still there except a couple of them canceled because they give up. From my experience, online dating is not a good way to find love. A lot of people lie about their age, education, job, marital status and a lot are here for relationship-shopping. I have canceled my subscription now. 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Nevertheless, 63 per cent were still hedging their bets on online matchmaking, saying they have used or would consider dating sites or apps. However having u that I did get an email and a kiss from a very nice person and had 2 dates with him, and am still in contact. I wish I read these review before handing over my money. Maybe I've been spoilt by a higher standard of profile writing on OKCupid, but the jesus on there have definitely put a bit more thought and creativity into writing their profiles. Comparing dating services Finding the right online dating service for you can be complicated. The Bumble app is free and I have had the most dates with this app. You can connect your Facebook solo to your Oasis account, but Oasis says it won't post anything to your timeline. If they invite your friends, they may out you as being a Zoosk user by extending the invitation on your behalf. I think the only thing that I revp - dating free was the profile solo.


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